GP Bikes' Service Department

GP Bikes has all your service needs covered, from a minor tune up to ensure piece of mind before a long trip right up to engine rebuilds to keep your machine running like a dream. Our experienced technicians and friendly counter staff are ready to go above and beyond to satisfy your service needs.  GP Bikes is a top rated dealership with Ducati, Triumph and KTM factory trained technicians.  Our technicians also have years of experience working with Japanese and American bikes. As such, we are able to work on almost all makes and models of bikes!

Storing your bike with us has never been better, with discounts on parts and labour to save you money on upgrades during the off season.  We offer heated and secure storage to assure a safe and comfortable environment for your bike all winter long.

While it is always recommended to book service appointments ahead of time, we are looking forward to serving you more efficiently by offering our new Quick Bay Service. Simple services; oil changes, tire service, and other minor service will be accommodated in Quick Bay for customers who are booked into these appointments the day prior.  Quick Bay alleviates the need to come early and line up at the shop with the possibility of not getting in, and is only a matter of a phone call in the morning, the day prior to the required service date.  Quick Bay must be booked with a Service Representative, and can not be booked by email or voicemail, so be sure to call early, and get your spot for the next business day.  Quick Bay can only be booked one day ahead, so once filled, customers will have to call back the next day for appointments should they miss out. Please note, this service is typically only offered during the summer months however, it is often a bit easier to book a regular appointment throughout the rest of the year.

Shop Rates:

Triumph-      $115/hr.

Ducati   -       $115/hr.

Japanese -  $100/hr.

KTM Street - $115/hr.

KTM Offroad - $100/hr.


Service Department

GP Bikes Service department.

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